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Consortium Publishing
Music Department

The best sellers in this department are:

Who's Who In Rhode Island Jazz
A must have for historians and musicologist.

WHO'S WHO IN R.I. JAZZ: c. 1925-1988 by Lloyd Kaplan and Robert E. Petteruti

      This biographical work pays tribute to the numerous performers who have contributed to jazz in Rhode Island. Along with the biographies of the musicians, which comprise the main body of the text, there is an overview of the jazz scene, which puts the history of Rhode Island jazz into perspective. It calls attention to such aspects as jazz styles, the jazz clubs scene, and important people, other than performers, whose contributions have enhanced the jazz climate of Rhode Island. Also included are some brief essays of especially prominent individuals and a selection of historically significant photographs that will have especially great sentimental value to those who have loved and enjoyed jazz in Rhode Island and elsewhere, since many of the individuals included in this work have earned national and international recognition.

ISBN 0-940139-26-X, 102 pages, paper, $14.95



TWENTIETH CENTURY MUSIC: AN INTRODUCTION, 2e by Lloyd Kaplan, with Nancy Carroll

      All too often textbooks are too extensive and technical in coverage and impede learning rather than facilitate it. This text is streamlined to the needs of students who are 1.) music majors in their first or second year of college, or 2.) non-majors electing to take a course in twentieth century music. Consequently, the language of this book is direct and concise, and only a few musical examples are utilized so as to not frustrate those students who have not yet learned the technical aspects of music. This book is simply intended to provide a basic introduction, via intellectual concepts, to the important artistic movements that either dominated or significantly affected the music of the twentieth century.

ISBN 0-940139-21-9, 86 pages, paper, $13.95

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