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Consortium Publishing

The best sellers in this department are:

McMASTER FAMILY WORKBOOK, 2e by Richard Archambault

      The McMaster Family Workbook provides a context to tell one's present family story and to assess the quality of family relationships. It is intended for use in educational settings, study groups and staff development gatherings where the guidance and support of a professional is present. Each of the seven chapters contains questions to provoke thought and insight about family functioning and interaction. Each chapter focuses on and offers a brief explanation of a particular area of family life. The workbook is based upon the McMaster extended interview process for assessing family functioning. The workbook has been field tested extensively by the author in clinical and educational practice and has been proven to be a useful tool in promoting insight and constructive behavior change.

ISBN 0-940139-54-5, 174 pages, paper, $16.95



      In the authors view, the parent and child relationship is the most important of interpersonal relationships. Parent and child interaction influences the growth, development and behavior of both parent and child. This book is an attempt to place this most important relationship in perspective vis-a-vis the more salient factors and conditions that affect it so significantly. The framework is basically a developmental and interactional perspective. This book is intended for human services professionals and parents in practice and/or training. It provides to the reader a framework and knowledge base for better understanding the parent and child relationship, especially in terms of those aspects or features of the relationship that are most crucial to its establishment, development and maintenance.

      Chapters: Kinds of Parent and Child Relationships; The Psychological Parent and Child Relationship; Factors Influencing Parental Effectiveness; Teaching Good Behavior; Parental Characteristics; Characteristics and Needs of the Child; Family Structure and Family Life Cycle; Situational and Circumstantial Factors and Conditions; Child Rearing Approaches: Philosophy, Practices and Effects - Prologue; Philosophy and Practices; Effects on Children; Effects Upon Parents and Others; Patterns of Interpersonal Interaction.

ISBN 0-940139-49-9, 256 pages, paper, $19.95



      This is a survival manual for beginning college students. It is designed and intended to help students develop the most basic attitudes, values, knowledge and skills which will help them succeed in college. Units cover developing self-awareness; college resources, rules and regulations; improving reading and study skills; communication skills for successful relationships; promoting personal wellness; career planning; goal setting and decision making.

ISBN 0-940139-50-2, 112 pages, paper, $13.95



      This book is about incest and child molestation. It was written for the adult victim and for others who need and desire to understand the victim. Part One is for the victim. In recognizing the spiritual nature of man, Part One uses the Scriptures which are augmented with drawings to move the reader from the agony of victimization to resolution.

      Part Two is for counselors, parents, chaplain and others concerned about the victim. It teaches the counselor and other practitioners about issues, concerns, and recommended practices. This is a profound book that has found its way into the hands of victims and practitioners with equally dramatic impact and benefit.

ISBN 0-940139-08-1, 60 pages, paper, $7.95

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Consortium Publishing
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